Our services

CCLab offers evaluation services for Common Criteria conformance. We can help if you require a Certificate under a National Scheme, and you look for a CC expert, who can help to get over the difficulties of certification. CCLab is also experienced in Common Criteria Consultations.

Our Laboratory staff is highly experienced, involved in Common Criteria evaluations for more than a decade. We have already evaluated products in the field, we can support you instantly what is needed and how, and for other innovations we are ready to learn.

You've just found the perfect site if your Company have been developing viable software applications and your instinct always sayed, that the functionality is useless without proven security of usage, or your public and private Customer requires CC certification. Evidence for the software security shall be provided through the Evaluation and Certification according to the standards of the internationally recognized Common Criteria (CC) Certification Scheme. Our Systrans Software Laboratory and CCLab Ltd. is your ideal partner for the product categories because:

If you are not sure whether your product is fit for a Common Criteria Certification, we offer Pre-evaluation services to prepare you for the Evaluation, to avoid delays and additional costs during the certification. During pre-evaluation our Consultants will evaluate the already existing documentation, helps define a Protection Profile, or create a Security Target and will identify areas of non-conformance, or unmet criteria.

We look forward to discussing your exact needs, what product you would like to evaluate, if there is already a Protection Profile, or a Security Target, and what is the level of assurance (EAL) you will need.