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What we do?

Common Criteria evaluation and complete certification cycle management

CCLab offers evaluation services for Common Criteria conformance. We can help if you require a Certificate under a National Scheme, and you look for a Common Criteria expert, who can help to get over the difficulties of certification. CCLab is also experienced in Common Criteria Consultations.

Vulnerability assessment, penetration testing

CCLab analyzes the existence of latent vulnerabilities, such as exploitable covert channels, misuse or incorrect configuration, and the ability to defeat, bypass or compromise security credentials.

The penetration testing determines whether the identified potential vulnerabilities are exploitable in the operational environment.

Smart Metering

CCLab evaluation methodology is based on Common Criteria and strictly follows the latest version of "Test Methodology for Execution of Data Security Evaluation of Swiss Smart Metering Components” issued by SWISSMIG.

Application security hardening

CCLab checks the most important vulnerabilities of your site and creates a detailed report on the found issues and a suggestion how to mitigate the risks. We will eliminate as many risks and threats to your software system as necessary to get you sleep well.

Our competencies

Complete certification and lifecycle management


  • Web applications
  • APIs


  • Blockchain wallet security
  • Cloud infrastructure


  • ICs smart cards and smart card-related devices and systems

Network & Mobile

  • Mobile computing software
  • Identity and access management (IAM), FIDO


Digital transformation

  • Products for digital signatures
  • PKI systems

Selected references

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Client testimonials

Előző Következő

The CCLab team gave us full support to adapt to the changes during product development. Whatever the challenges faced they could keep the due dates and we were able to complete the process quickly and efficiently. The real agile lab helped our success. We are going to work with them again. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get its product certified.

Dayton MARCUCCI Senior Director – Embedded Sofware and Middleware HID Global

We needed a lab that works quickly but with high work morale and quality of work. CCLab is exactly like that! It was good cooperation experience to work with them. The project was rather complex and our expectations maybe even too high, but the team was committed to the common goals and could keep the milestones; therefore we were able to deliver what was needed. I highly recommend CCLab team to anyone for their great team spirit, quality orientations, agility and reasonable pricing.

Kalev Pihl CEO SK ID Solutions
I4P Informatics Ltd.

Thanks to the agile processes we've been able to add new features to the product during the evaluation that made it even more valuable to customers. CCLAB efficiently supported us throughout the whole change management process. The predictability, accurate scheduling, and supportive mindset helped us to finish the project in time.

Zsolt Rózsahegyi CEO I4P Informatics Ltd.

Contact US

  • +36 20 248 7670
  • Budapest

    H-1137 Budapest,
    Katona József utca 17. III/2

  • Debrecen

    H-4025 Debrecen,
    Piac utca 45-47. II/1.

  • Budapest

    H-1117 Budapest,
    Budafoki út 91/C.


H-1137 Budapest,
Katona József utca 17. III/2


H-4025 Debrecen,
Piac utca 45-47. II/1.


H-1117 Budapest,
Budafoki út 91/C.

Laboratory accreditations

CCLab Software Laboratory is an internationally acknowledged evaluation facility under the Italian Common Criteria Scheme.

Our certification was issued by OCSI (Organismo di Certificatione della Sicurezza Informatica) under the registration number: No. 01/2018- LVS CCLab Kft.

CCLab is an acknowledged testing laboratory. Our Laboratory accredited by NAH (Nemzeti Akkreditáló Hatóság) under the number: NAH-1-1815/2017

CCLab is accredited by the FIDO Alliance to perform Level 2 Authenticator Security Evaluations.

CCLab is accredited in accordance with the FIDO lab policy under the number: Certificate No. LA01010020190325001

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