Code of Ethics for Ethical Hackers

    • Before performing any ethical hacking, we ensure that we know and understand the nature and characteristics of the client organization’s business, system and network. This will guide us in handling sensitive, confidential or proprietary information we might encounter during the ethical hacking.
    • Before and during ethical hacking, we determine the sensitivity or confidentiality of the information involved. This ensures that we do not violate laws, rules and regulations in handling sensitive personal, financial or proprietary information.
    • During and after ethical hacking, we maintain transparency with the client. We communicate all relevant information we found while ethically hacking the client’s system or network. Transparency ensures that the client knows what is going on. Transparency enables the client to take necessary actions for security of the system or network.
    • While performing ethical hacking, we do not go beyond the limits set by the client. In ethical hacking, it is possible for us to have access beyond the target areas that the client signed up for. We stay within the target areas of the system or network specified in the work agreement. We do not go to other areas or components of the system or network that are not specified in the agreement. We minimize exposure of sensitive information. We strive to increase our trustworthiness and reliability regarding the process of ethical hacking. We ensure the overall effectiveness of the ethical hacking activity.
    • After performing ethical hacking, we never disclose client information to other parties. We ensure the protection of the client. Ethical hacking is done for the security of the client’s system or network. Disclosure of the client’s confidential information renders ethical hacking ineffective. Private information must be kept private, and confidential information must be kept confidential.

During our tests and monitoring activities we fully comply with "2012. évi C. törvény 423. § and 424. §":